Given that we are most familiar with the western Caribbean coast of Panama, FISHING PANAMA will first provide fishing information related to this side of Panama.


Fishing the waters of the Caribbean coast of Panama is remarkable because this area is wild and undeveloped.

Fishing in Bocas del Toro Panama is world class, not world famous, we rarely see another angler.


Local fishermen in Bocas del Toro Panama fish year-round for snapper, jacks and barracuda. The Atlantic in Panama tends to have waves, and more wind during the peak of the North American winter and summer.

Tarpon, Snook and jacks can be found schooling in various bays, lagoons, rivers and small flats within the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama most consistently in March, April and May. These same fish, along with larger migrants, congregate near river mouths in the spring (March, April and May) and fall (September, October and November).

Small to midsized snapper, jacks, and barracuda can be found within the Bocas del Toro archipelago near reefs, grass flats, and mangrove estuaries throughout the year. When the conditions are perfect, we chase Bonefish on the windward flats.